Minster, OH Professional AC Tune-Up Services

You’re right to be concerned if your air conditioner is making strange sounds or failing to cool your home adequately. An AC tune-up may be what is needed, rather than replacing the air conditioning unit altogether. It might only take a tune-up and some TLC to get your unit up and running again and good as new. Ask your technician to do a thorough inspection and figure out what the problem is.

AC units typically last for about ten years until they need to be replaced and they need to be serviced for tuning-up once a year. In case your unit is younger than ten years, you should have an AC expert inspect it rather than spending a lot of money on replacing it.

Why is an AC tune-up necessary?

The HVAC system coupled with the air conditioning unit has many parts that can wear out over time. Get a yearly tune-up to prevent having to go without an AC unit when a problem arises.

During the inspection they will:

  • recalibrate the thermostat if needed
  • check the refrigerant levels
  • clear the space in and around the unit from dirt and debris
  • remedy any safety hazards
  • clean and straighten the coils and coil fins
  • Search for any leaks or cracks
  • clean or replace the air filter

All of these tuning points help prolong an air conditioning unit’s existence and increase the time between issues. AC systems, like cars, need to undergo periodic maintenance to continue running at peak performance. There may be an increase in your energy bills, along with inconsistent temperatures, and more frequent issues if you neglect regular tune-ups.

Because air conditioners aren’t used year-round in many areas, a homeowner might not realize there is an issue until he or she turns on the unit at the beginning of the summer. Experts recommend having your air conditioner inspected in the spring before it gets too warm. Not having a functioning air conditioner can make you miserable when temperatures soar, and it can be deadly for some vulnerable people.

Do I need a tune-up or a total replacement?

If you don’t know a lot about air conditioning units, you may not be able to tell whether yours is at the end of its life, or if it simply needs some maintenance. If you are unsure, a professional can come in to inspect your unit and help give you an answer. The following list can help you determine whether your unit needs a repair or needs to be replaced.

The thermostat isn’t working

A malfunctioning thermostat is often the cause of an air conditioning problem. A professional can help figure out what you need and recalibrate the device if needed.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

Without an examination, it tends to be hard to know why the house isn’t cooling off uniformly. Floors in the upper level of a home always have a warmer temperature compared to the temperature on the ground floor because of rising heat. However, big differences in the temperature of one room compared to another room on the same floor can mean there is a problem with vents, ductwork, or air filters.

Bad smells or noises

Never ignore strange sounds emanating from your air conditioning unit. There could be a broken or loose part that needs to be repaired before it can cause even more damage. The issue can sometimes be repaired but sometimes you need a new unit. When there are unpleasant smells this can be caused by burnt wires.

To find out what’s causing the problem, have someone inspect the issue. Sometimes all it takes is a cleaning or a repair to fix the problem.


Dripping of liquids from an air conditioning unit is not a good sign. Whether the leak is from the condenser or it is refrigerant liquid, repairing this would cost a lot. Either way, if your unit is nearing the end of its life, replacing rather than repairing may be more cost-effective.

High energy bills.

If your electric bills have been higher than usual lately, it may be because your air conditioner is working harder and using more energy to keep your home comfortable. If you have never had your unit serviced before, now may be the time especially if it is a young air conditioner and it still has many years left. Then it is best that you avoid further hassles and simply call in the professionals who do what they do best.

In case the unit is old or recently serviced, it’s quite possible that it has gotten too old and requires replacement. Ask your technician to do a complete inspection and tell you whether it’s worth repairing your air conditioner. If it needs to be replaced already, then the service professional can inform you about the energy-efficient options that you can find now in the market.