Minster, OH Professional AC Replacement Services

When properly maintained, an air conditioning unit will last approximately ten years. Some people are fortunate enough to live in the same home for many years and their children and children’s children also live in the home. Many people go through a couple of units over the years in the same house. When you notice that your air conditioner is not functioning optimally it may be best to start the search for a new one.

Unfortunately, in the summer heat, air conditioners tend to quit on us. And, most of the families need a suitable living area as fast as possible but instead, they make quick and bad decisions about their units. Calling an AC replacement technician is a great choice to prevent this from happening to you, as they can help you find out all your options before the summer comes. They can even evaluate your home to decide the suitability of the next unit.

If you find that your air conditioner has suddenly stopped working all you have to do is to give a call to the HVAC professionals so that they can get your unit up and running again immediately. Continue reading to learn about what’s involved in replacing an air conditioning system.

AC Repair vs AC Replacement

If your unit is not near the ten-year mark you may prefer to have it repaired over replacing it. While doing repairs on it can cost you less in the short-term there are some repairs that when you add can end up costing you more. Therefore, you may wonder when you should try a repair and when a replacement would be best. Here are a few suggestions that can guide you.

Unit is nearing the ten-year mark

If you’ve been running the same air conditioner for ten years or more, you may want to consider exploring your options. Depending on the circumstances, it can end up costing you more in time, energy, and aggravation, if you continuously keep trying to repair your old unit especially if it keeps breaking down or having problems. Overall it could be cheaper in many aspects to simply take the plunge and invest in a new one.

The unit sustained minor damage to an internal part

Many parts are replaceable, which can avoid the need to replace the entire unit. In many cases, it makes more sense to repair rather than replace a unit, especially if it’s not very old.

Unit is leaking refrigerant

Any leakage from an air conditioner is cause for concern, but especially if it’s refrigerant that is leaking. Often, when an air conditioner is leaking, it’s more cost-effective to replace it than to repair it.

Unit needs a new compressor

New compressors are a big part of repairing an AC unit. It may be cost-effective to replace an old AC unit rather than pay for long-term repair.

Recently added more space to your home

If you’ve recently added on to your home, you may need to get a unit upgrade to fit your home’s extra space. More space to cool can be stressful to a small unit, so it’s imperative to have a unit that matches the requirements of your home and its space. A professional can take measurements of your home and determine what AC replacement unit would be most ideal for your newly added space.

Unit not cooling the house to your preferences

While the problems can be within the unit itself there are times when the parts connected to it outside like the vents and the ductwork are what is causing the problem. Don’t just replace your unit. Get an inspection from a professional to identify the exact issue and help you make an informed decision on how best to rectify the problem.

What types of AC units are available today?

It is always a big decision when you are about to have your AC unit replaced. Technological advancements have been ongoing, and there are many more options than in the past. It’s best to consult a qualified air conditioning specialist to help determine the best type of unit for your home’s needs.

The split system is the most common type of AC unit, which contains the condenser coil outside and works with an evaporator coil inside of an HVAC unit indoors. These units are often best used in homes with already established ductwork, and the market already has units that are energy efficient. A heat pump unit is a popular choice in mild climates, with a geothermal variation available for colder areas.

A ductless mini-split system uses wall mounted blowers in every room, which can be a good option for homes without any ductwork. If there are rooms that do not need to be cooled, these systems can be useful in reducing costs. But they will end up being more costly if they are used to blow cool air throughout the house.