For all the amazing advances in today’s technological world, nothing compares to a cool breeze blowing out of an energy-efficient air-conditioning unit on a sizzling summer day or the toasty warmth of a nice heater on a cold evening. But to provide these comforting benefits, these wondrous machines sometimes need maintenance, and every so often they might even need to be replaced. When either of these situations occurs, ChillTex, LLC is ready to step into action. We are licensed and insured, and our technicians are trained to work all types of brands on residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning and heating systems. ChillTex, LLC also offers commercial sales, industrial sales, commercial service, industrial service, commercial maintenance, industrial maintenance, and preventive maintenance programs. ChillTex, LLC prides itself on possessing the most extensive HVAC knowledge in the area. Word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals are the backbone of our business. Our credentials include:

OH Lic. # 46235
KY license # HM 06550
NATE Certified
NATE C3 Gold Circle Contractor
BBB Member
Fully Insured
410-A Certified
Factory-Authorized RUUD Dealer
DP&L Qualified Contractor

We background check and drug test all staff members.